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Magazine Office

Site Location: 510 5th Ave. New York, NY 10036
Project Description: To design an office space for a food and travel magazine.
Concept: "In Motion" is a magazine about food and travel. The publication's workspace is designed to encourage collaboration and transparency through the use of partitions that permit different levels of views and contact and to offer experiences of fluidity, motion, and softness. Curved forms and different claddings offer tactile and visual experiences. The curved staircase forms a part of the workspace on both levels. The partitions create paths and wayfinding and provide for more and less private spaces as needed. 
Key Design Elements: 
- The 's' curved staircase depicts motion.
- Five wall types. 
- Curved walls. 
- Use of colors to make the space more exciting to work in. 

Site information

Concept page

Fourth Floor Plan

Fifth Floor Plan

Mezzanine Floor Plan

Elevations showing wall types

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